Living with an American is exhausting.  My mother (yes I live at home still) is forever extolling the virtues of Palin and the Republican Party, she seems to have been, like many other Middle American voters, taken by the fact that she is a woman.

I feel it is precisely here where the first mistake lies; confusing a woman in power with a feminist, a woman for change and a woman championing women’s rights. As far as I can tell, electing the Republicans would set women back a century. I cannot see how a woman can be anti-choice and a feminist and why when Alaska has the highest domestic violence rate of any American state it is so low on her agenda?

To get to my point however, it really was the nail in the coffin of public opinion that, when asked in an interview with Katie Couric several times, Palin failed to name one newspaper she reads, claiming she likes and “reads ‘em all”:

I can’t help feeling that this seems a rather large feat for a woman running for Vice President considering I cannot even find the time to read more than three and I am a newspaper journalism student.

And an interesting, if not slightly digressional fact- since the Guardian Weekly came into publication almost a cenutry ago George W. Bush is the first president not to read it. To follow suit, Palin may be America’s first president not to have read an English paper at all.