The television station Press TV is an international news channel funded by the Iranian government. Its remit is to was cover world news differently from the Anglophone channels BBC World News and CNN International in a bid to break the global media stranglehold of the West. The policy makers of Press TV felt that 9/11 effectively bifurcated global mass media: the Western media and the pan-Arabist.

The station now has many notable names, from Derek Conway MP, Nick Ferrari, George Galloway, Andrew Gilligan and Yvonne Ridley, the former Al Jazeera[ and Sunday Express journalist who converted to Islam after being captured by the Taliban in 2001.

But it’s coverage of the Gaza conflict is questionable, a view which is shared by The Spectator’s Stephen Pollard:


“Just picked up a call from Press TV, asking me to do a programme. I replied that I would have nothing to do with the channel. ‘Why?’ asked the mock-incredulous producer.

‘Because’, I said,’you are a propaganda arm of a regime which seeks the removal of Israel and Israelis from the face of the earth and funds terror organisations. I think your channel is a disgrace’.

‘Don’t you want to hear who else is on the panel?’

‘I don’t care who else is on – it doesn’t affect my position.’

‘Your position is a disgrace. You have your facts messed up. What evidence do you have?’

‘I’m not interested in an argument with you. I won’t do your programme, and that’s all there is to say’.”

and backlash to the channel: