The “tyre explosion” in the Syrian capital last week has raised a few questions, many of which may never be answered.

Ruins of bus in Damascus


A friend and colleague of mine Richard Hall has decided to do some investigating, in the form of some good old fashioned digging.

Demolition experts in the UK seem to think there is more than meets the eye with this incident.

“If the damage process had indeed been started by an exploding tyre, then it is most unlikely that it could have been sufficiently powerful to cause the damage shown, unless the fuel tank had been near-by and had disintegrated under the impact. However, the fuel tank arrangements are unknown,” the specialist, who did not wish to be mentioned due to the sensitivity of the case, said.

Even if the tyre had exploded and burst the fuel tank, the fuel explosion would only occurred if the engine had been hot, i.e. the engine must have been running for some time.”

None have ruled out the possibility the culprit, if there is one, could be a smaller terrorist group or offshoot of Al-Qaeda. But whether Syria gets to the bottom of this, or whether they will even try, is unclear.